Ask Wolves #4 | Now live

For the final instalment of Ask Wolves, Jeff Shi sits down with Sky Sports reporter and Wolves fan Johnny Phillips for a one-on-one chat, covering a variety of topics relating to his role as executive chairman. 

Like in the previous three episodes, which have featured the club’s four general managers, Shi answers questions submitted by supporters, concluding the series of insightful explanations of goings on behind the scenes at Compton Park and Molineux. 

Tuesday’s show can be accessed across the club’s social media channels, Wolves TV and, like the previous three episodes which were released last week.

Throughout the episode, Jeff picked out his highlights from Fosun’s five years at the club, including the moment he knew Wolves were on course for the Premier League in 2018, after sitting down with the club’s key men to clear the air. 

Also, during the fascinating 30-minute chat, Shi revealed how his targets have changed since then and how he moulds his expectations now.

He said: “In the past maybe we said, okay, we just want to get promotion, copy the same story as Leicester. I think that’s a common story. Now we are at a stage for the club and for the company to find something only belonging to ourselves, only we can do, not others, but belonging to our identity, our gene – our own dreams, and our own teams. 

“We can find something to do and to achieve only for ourselves; we don’t want to copy any other clubs, so that’s something different from five years ago. The team here are talking about it every day, so it’s about realising your own dream, what you want to achieve as a person in the club, so then collectively we will achieve the dream for the club.” 

Also, after discussing how Fosun help Wolves, Shi also explained the positive impact the club have on their owners, saying: “Football is quite special, it’s not the same as all the other things Fosun are doing. It’s about the attention, the awareness from the world, because every week we have some games and lose or win and it always improves the attention. 

“Wolves have a strong presence in the world, even to the government, to the market, or the fans around the world, and so Fosun becomes more famous, more popular. Football can provide the whole company, the whole group, something fun and something interesting and very emotional.”

Supporters can find the 30-minute video on Wolves TV and YouTube, while an audio version will be released in the form of a podcast. 

Wolves’ official Twitter and Facebook pages are providing shorter highlights, while full transcripts of every single question posed to Shi and the general managers from supporters can be found at