Ask Wolves #2 | Now live

Episode two of Ask Wolves is now available on various platforms and sees the club’s senior management team questioned on communication, structure, ticketing and stadium redevelopments.

Throughout the next week, Ask Wolves is putting supporter questions to Jeff Shi and his senior management team of Matt Wild, Scott Sellars, Russell Jones and Vinny Clark, with the latest show covering off-field topics.

Covered in Friday’s show is Manchester United ticket prices, season tickets, memberships, overseas supporters and Steve Bull Stand improvements.

The second instalment can be accessed across the across the club’s social media channels, Wolves TV and, as Shi, Jones and Clark answer questions posed by Sky Sports reporter and Wolves fan Johnny Phillips. 

Phillips began the conversations with staff structure, before moving onto fan relationships and then ticketing, offering another insight into goings on behind the scenes at the club.

Shi handled questions on stadium expansions, and where it stands on the priority list alongside other expenses, saying: “Different owners have different views. You cannot compare two owners, because they share different backgrounds. Fosun and myself always put the team first.

“When we talk about a club, the stadium is important, but in modern times it’s more about the squad. When you talk about the top clubs, the first thing in your mind is not the stadium, the first thing is the players. So, the focus will always be about the first-team.”

Molineux’s location, at the heart of the city, is treasured by supporters, so when the topic of improving the area around the stadium arose, Jones revealed other parties who’d benefit from such plans.

He said: “We’re really tight with both the council and the university. That development of the Molineux quarter clearly has an overarching interest for all parties. The university in particular are incredibly ambitious in terms of their plans.

“I’ve no doubt that they would be supportive of everything that we’re trying to do and interest rate is going to be important when working with the council, so that they can support us if that becomes a funding option.”

Alongside Molineux improvements, conversation naturally led to season tickets, and Clark provided an update, while reiterating the pandemic continues to complicate matters.

He said: “We’re in a world where things are changing all the time. I’d love to say when season tickets are going to be going on sale, but the reality is we don’t have full information from the Premier League yet as to what that first game in August is going to look like.

“We have 22,000 season-ticket holders. We don’t know if we’re going to be bringing more or less. So, until we have that more concrete information from the government, both nationally and locally, as well as the Premier League, we can’t go out on sale, because what we don’t want to go on sale and cause a lot of headaches when we can’t fulfil obligations.

“As soon as we can announce something, we obviously will, but for the time being, we’re waiting on other people to give us the guidance.”

Supporters can find the 42-minute video on Wolves TV and YouTube at now, while an audio version will be released in the form of a podcast.

Wolves’ official Twitter and Facebook pages are providing shorter highlights, while full transcripts of every single question posed to Shi and the general managers from supporters can be found at

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