Wolves partner with HearMeCheer

For the final two games of the 2020/21 season Wolves will offer supporters the chance to bring the stadium atmosphere into their homes with supporter audio rooms available through the wolves website and app.

Presented by Hear Me Cheer, the trial will allow supporters to create their own private rooms for audio discussions with their friends and family during the games.

Sound levels from all rooms will also be aggregated and presented as real-time ambient background noise through the platform to provide that realistic stadium background noise as fans debate the action in their private audio rooms.

Hear Me Cheer will be available via the Wolves App and by clicking here.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Click on the power button and accept any request for microphone access on your device
  2. Click the people button in the middle of the row of three icons
  3. Click ‘Create a room’ to start your own room – you’ll then be presented with a unique code to share amongst your friends to allow them to join you. Alternatively, ‘Join a room’ to paste in a unique access code sent to you by a friend to join their room.