Location targeting now available on Wolves Ads 

Businesses now have the opportunity to advertise to specific locations by purchasing banners through ads.wolves.co.uk.  

Whether a small local business wishing only to advertise to supporters in the local area, or large global organisations looking to talk to our huge overseas followings including Mexico and North America, businesses can now set their own location targeting preferences when purchasing advertising banners on the Wolves website and app. 

Using the ads.wolves.co.uk self-serve platform, businesses can upload advertising banners to sit on the wolves.co.uk and Wolves App homepages and news articles, reaching a global audience in the millions.  

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The new optional location targeting (available under ‘Advanced targeting when setting your date and budget) adds to the ads platform which already allows businesses to set a timeframe and budget that suits them, spending as much or as little as they like, with advertising rates comparable to other online ad networks and platforms.  

Ads are reviewed to ensure they comply with the club’s advertising policy, and once approved immediately begin displaying with full reporting and analysis tools to ensure success.  

Click here to begin creating your ads today.