Wolves publish social media values and commitment to tackle online hate

Wolves has made a clear and powerful commitment to creating a social media environment that is free from hate, discrimination and abuse.

Following football’s social media boycott, Wolves’ club accounts will begin to post again; but now, published across its social media channels, is a commitment to block and report those who bring hate to the channels, and those who dehumanise and target players, staff and supporters.

The mission statement continues by saying that acts of hate crime will be reported to the police and that the club accounts will continue to promote equality and be an inclusive place for everyone.

The new pledge comes after an overwhelming majority of supporters said that they wanted Wolves to tackle discrimination and challenge any individuals who are identified as representing the club in a negative way.

The recent equal opportunities survey that was sent to all supporters showed that fans expect supporters to be good ambassadors of the club when using social media, with 87% of those who took part in agreement.

Furthermore, 87% of replies also felt that the club should challenge supporters who are identified as representing the club negatively online.

Supporters were also asked what the term ‘One Pack’ meant to them, with the overriding theme of responses referencing family, community, respect, inclusivity, passionate support and being stronger together.

Using the feedback from the survey, Wolves then put together its set of social media values and corresponding mission statement which has gone live across its channels today.

Wolves Human Resources director and equality lead, Zoe Brough, said: “At Wolves, we have been clear for a long time that there can be no place in football, or society, for racism, hatred or any form of discrimination.

“Now, thanks to the most recent equal opportunities survey, it is clear to us that the overwhelming majority of supporters share the same values and are supportive of the club increasing its proactive approach and visibility in this area.

“After the recent success of One Pack Week, and the clear sign of unity across the football world during the social media boycott, at Wolves we felt it was important to make a stand and be proactive in trying to make our social media channels an environment free from hate or abuse.

“We believe that in sport, as in the wider society, we must create a social media environment where hateful and discriminatory actions are as unacceptable online as they would be in the street, and we know that we have our fans’ support in trying to make that a reality.”

If any supporters that use social media sees a comment on official club channels that promotes hate towards race, colour, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, sex, age or class, please send the URL of the post in question to help@wolves.co.uk.