Meet Wolves’ Rocket League team

Rocket League Champion Series Season X this year and has got to know the team representing the old gold in the coming weeks.

Rix Ronday, Ole van Doorn and Luis Puente Peña are on board and ready to represent Wolves will pride on 12th November, where supporters can follow the action by following the Rocket League Twitch and YouTube channels.

Rix Ronday

Age | 21

Born | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Based | I have lived in the Netherlands my entire life.

Socials | Twitter: | Twitch: | Instagram:

Bio | When I was a kid, I used to play tennis at a very high level and when I was 13 I had to practice against adults because I was above my own age –  I even won a Dunlop sponsorship at that time, so I’ve always been a very competitive person. No matter what I did or do, I always just try to be the best at it.

Esports story | For me, the best feeling you can experience is the feeling of winning. When I stopped playing tennis, I missed having that competitive drive in my life, so I tried to find it in other places. This introduced me into esports. I started playing Hearthstone, where I got to the top 1,000, but after my friends encouraged me to buy Rocket League, I haven’t stopped playing since.

Rocket League | I’ve been playing Rocket League competitively for over three years now. In this time, I have been lucky to be able to travel around the world to compete in all sorts of tournaments.


  • Gfinity Elirt Series (season 2) | Champion
  • Gfinity Elirt Series (season 3) | Third
  • Gfinity Elirt Series (season 4) | Champion
  • Dreamhack Dallas | Top 16 worldwide
  • RLRS (season 6) | Third
  • RLRS (season 7) | Fourth
  • RLRS (season 8) | Fourth
  • RLCS X Fall (split regional 2) | 10th
  • RLCS X Fall (split regional 3) | 12th
  • RLCS X Fall Major | 16th

Ole van Doorn (Oaly)

Age | 16

Born | Den Haag, Netherlands.

Based | I live in the Netherlands

Socials | Twitter: | Instagram: | Twitch:

Bio | I am currently following an education in computers and devices, and on the side, I like to watch Formula 1 at the weekends, while also competing in Rocket League.

Esports story | When I came back from holiday, a friend of mine said that I had to download Rocket League because it was free to play at that point and I was immediately hooked after I played my first game.

Rocket League | Since downloading it, I’ve been playing ever since and I still love to play the game every day. When I was younger, I played football and I always had a dream to play for a professional football club. Being able to fulfil this dream through Rocket League is something I could have never even imagined.


  • RLCS (regional 1) | Top 32
  • RLCS (regional 2) | Top 8
  • RLCS (regional 3) | Top 16
  • Fall Major qualification
  • Nicecactus | July champion

Luis Puente Peña (LuiisP)

Age | 16

Born | Munich, Germany

Based | I moved to Valencia in Spain at the age of one and still live there.

Socials | Twitter: | Twitch:

Bio | Competing and improving are probably my greatest hobbies, but I also like having some fun with my friends playing videogames.

Rocket League | In Rocket League, I've been competing in Spanish leagues since December 2018, but since relatively recently I started to play European tournaments and leagues until now.


  • Salt Mine 2 | Top 7-8
  • Eurocup | Top 10-12
  • Sping Series | Top 22
  • RLCS (regional 3) | Top 17-22