ePremier League season to conclude

The 2019/20 ePremier League tournament will be played to a conclusion starting from today.

After the live finals at Gfinity Arena in London were postponed in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the closing stages of the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 tournament will now take place online.

Some of the world’s best players are taking part in the second edition of the competition. The inaugural instalment was won by Liverpool fan Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt last year and Wolves will be represented by Rhys ‘RGriff11’ Griffiths (PS4) – who will be taking up the place of Wolves’ pro eSporter Flávio ‘Fifilza’ – and Jack ‘Lynas7’ Lynas (XB1).

The PlayStation4 preliminary rounds will kick things off on Thursday 13th August, followed a day later by the Xbox One matches, with the top eight players progressing to the semi-finals.

A Wolves vs Southampton matchup will mark the start of the club’s PS4 journey in the event, with the match taking place at 1pm today. As for the Xbox platform, Chelsea will be the first club to get in Wolves’ Group B path on Friday at 1pm. The semi-finals, finals and cross-console final will conclude on Friday 28th August to find out who will be crowned the 2019/20 ePremier League champion.

Supporters will be able to follow all the action live on twitch.com/wolvesesports and the Wolves App, so be sure not to miss it.

Rhys Griffiths | Age: 18 | From: Wales

Why did you decide to compete for Wolves in the ePL?

“Wolves have earned a reputation for punching above their weight and playing against the best sides in the world without fear, two things I'm aiming to do in the ePremierLeague.”

What are your expectations for this tournament?

“Since lockdown, as I thought my competitive season was over, I haven't played much, but after being asked to play I've restarted practising and feel good about playing. I hope in this tournament I can go on a run a long way into the tournament and get results that make other teams take notice.

“Many times, both online in qualifiers getting within two or three games to qualifying and beating great players without the strongest team, and at last year's ePremierLeague being knocked out in the last group game, I feel like I always performed well but fall short at the end, even though my performances have been good.”

For how long have you been playing FIFA and when did you start diving into the competitive scene?

“I've been playing FIFA for over a decade, since I believe FIFA 09 on a Nintendo DS, and have spent the last 3 years playing competitively.”

Jack Lynas | Age: 19 | From: Northern Ireland

Why did you decide to compete for Wolves in the ePL?

“I chose to compete for Wolves as they’re a top Premier League club as well as a being top esports team. The fact that Wolves are already directly involved in FIFA esports made my decision a lot easier.”

What are your expectations for this tournament?

“My expectation for any event is always to win. Being a high seed on Xbox coming into the event I’m hoping I can bring some experience with me and go far.”

For how long have you been playing FIFA and when did you start diving into the competitive scene?

“I’ve played FIFA since I was a kid as my main love was always football. My first FIFA was FIFA 08 on the PlayStation 2. I started playing competitive FIFA Towards the end of FIFA 18, I made my first EA major event in FIFA 19 when I was 17 and it was a real turning point for me.”

What is your go-to formation and favourite Wolves player on FIFA?

“My go-to formation on FIFA is a 4-2-3-1 as I feel it gives you the most balance in attack and defence. My favourite Wolves player on FIFA would have to be TOTS Adama Traore, his pace and strength on the wing is scary.”