Commercial newsletter | Partners helping lockdown exit

The latest Wolves commercial newsletter focuses on the University of Wolverhampton and Altodigital, as they both step up preparations for life after lockdown.

The Road to Reopening at the University of Wolverhampton

Over the last three months, the University of Wolverhampton have moved quickly to change the way they operate to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The university are now preparing for the new semester to start with social distancing measures in place to protect the whole community.

During Covid-19 the they have moved to online lectures, assessments and teaching with success, and are using the lessons learned to test and adjust their plans going forward.

They have teams looking at a whole range of issues, from transport and toilets to lectures and equipment, and are doing everything they can to make the return to campus as safe as possible so students can ensure their education continues.

Road to reopening @WLV

The road to reopening @WLV outlines their approach to a managed reopening of the university facilities and includes the timescales they are currently working to, which are subject to change when government guidance is updated.

When the university returns in September, due to ongoing social distancing restrictions, they will be using blended learning. This will include a mixture of lectures being delivered digitally, using a range of technology like Panopto and Big Blue Button, alongside face-to-face classes for seminars, work groups and practical work.

They recognise that students are keen to know exactly what this will mean for their programme of study, and course leaders will be publishing details of this after the July assessment period.

Heads of schools and course leaders are working with school reps to obtain feedback from students on their experiences of online learning during lockdown, to inform their development of blended learning.

University library

The University of Wolverhampton’s library buildings will remain closed for the time being, but there is a range of support and advice available online:

However, staff are aware that students are keen to access on-campus library services and are working on how they can manage this in a safe and controlled way.

The University of Wolverhampton will provide updates to students when further information and timelines are available.

Altodigital support businesses getting back to work

As the lockdown restrictions are relaxed, and employers take the next steps towards re-starting their business operations, Altodigital are here to help.

Firstly, they can assist you in protecting staff and customers with our unique hand sanitiser kiosk displays. These units, which have a biomaster coating and will ensure you are playing your part in stopping the spread of germs to staff and to customers. 

They also have a new range of thermo cameras which will allow staff to measure employee and customer temperatures safely and accurately. These devices provide facial recognition, temperature readings, a fever alarm and will provide peace of mind for any workplace.

Finally, they continue to be here for all of your managed print requirements and any home working needs your business have including cloud hosting workplaces, VPN remote working and software requirements.

Through their partnership with Wolves, Altodigital want to support fellow partners in these uncertain times. If their cameras, kiosks or home working support are of interest, please call on 07971 560522 or email