Wolves launch Pack Reconnected

Wolves are launching Pack Reconnected, a scheme designed to reunite supporters with their matchday-only Molineux friends, in time for the return of Premier League football.

Pack Reconnected will give the opportunity for fans to attempt to get in touch with fellow supporters they would normally speak to on matchdays at Molineux, with whom they may have lost contact due to the postponement of fixtures following the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent effect on supporters being able to attend matches.

The procedure to request assistance in reconnecting with another supporter is simple. Supporters are requested to send a name and seat details of the supporter they are looking to reconnect with to supporterservices@wolves.co.uk along with their own contact details, that can then be passed on to the supporter if they can be identified. The club will then make contact with the supporter to pass on the details leaving them to get back in touch if they choose to.

“We appreciate that the social aspect of attending matches plays a big part in the matchday experience of all supporters,” said supporter liaison officer, Dave Wood.

“We all have friends who we speak to at games, who may sit around us, and whilst we may not know a lot about each other, we have developed a routine of seeing that person or people every other week at Molineux and talking about what is happening on the pitch.

“The current situation has meant that many supporters may have lost contact with their friends from Molineux and, with no details on when fans will be able to return currently and with the return of the Premier League imminent, we wanted to create a platform to enable supporters to reconnect with their matchday friends.”

Important information for fans that are providing their data for this project: We will ask the (receiving) fans: (i) to use their personal data only for the purpose of this project, (ii) to respect the security of the data and (iii) to treat it in accordance with the law and those obligations required of a data controller, the Club cannot guarantee the receiving fans will comply. By participating in this project, supporters are agreeing to the above.