Parkes' Wolves memories | Programme teaser

Wolves’ goalkeeper on their only previous appearance in a major European final was Phil Parkes, who shares his memories in Thursday’s official matchday programme.

In Thursday’s Besiktas edition, the former stopper shares his best Wolves stories, snippets of which are available below.

The programme is a souvenir A4 edition, fronted by a Louise Cobbold special, and available for £5 from around Molineux pre-match and online here.

Below is a teaser of what to expect in Parkes’ Wolves scrapbook, inside Thursday’s programme.


It would have been, without a doubt, Peter Knowles. I’ve got so much respect for what he did, we thought he’d come back straight away, but he’s still doing it now. I had a coffee with him recently and he looks great, so I’ve got respect for him. We also had great players like Mike Bailey, ‘Waggy’, ‘Doog’.


It was when I left. I left on the Friday and was going to Vancouver Whitecaps on the Wednesday. Sammy Chung was the manager and he phoned me at 9 o clock on the Friday night. He said: “You’ll have to play tomorrow.” I said: “I’m not playing, I’ve left, what if I get injured?” Paul Bradshaw was sick, Gary Pierce was injured. I had a great relationship with Sammy and he was asking as a friend, so I went to West Ham on the Saturday and didn’t know I was playing until half two. We won 2-1, so my last game was very eventful.


If they were playing on our pitches, I don’t think they’d have a chance, but if we were on the modern pitches it could be a different game. At that time, we had a really good side, to finish fourth twice, win a League Cup, get to the UEFA Cup final was great. The only negative was playing Tottenham. Even if it would have been a one-off game, but it was like two league games and the atmosphere wasn’t the best. We all still see each other though, we had a golf day in September and all the boys were there, we all still get on great.

The Besiktas edition, as well as previous editions of the matchday programme, is available online here.