eSports duo agree new Wolves contracts

Wolves eSports duo Flávio Brito (Fifilza7) and Ebinho Bernardes (Ebinhob_) have agreed new contracts and will represent the club during the FIFA 20 season.

The pair represented Wolves as a duo in the FIFA eClub World Cup back in February and again in their respective consoles at the eWorld Cup Grand final in August – Flavio qualifying as number 10 in the world on PS4 and Ebihno qualifying as number 16 in the world on Xbox One.

Russell Jones, Wolves head of marketing, said: “With 30 million online FIFA players, having two players finish the season inside the top 16 of their respective consoles, represented a great first year in esports for Wolves and our esports agency Bundled.

“The Grand Final alone was broadcast to 75 countries and streamed to 46 million viewers so the reach for the club and our partners – University of Wolverhampton and G Fuel - was phenomenal. 

“I’m absolutely delighted that our two Brazilian stars have re-signed and look forward to another successful year.”

Brazilian Flávio, linked up with Wolves in October 2018, with Ebinho joining the club in January. Ebihno’s signing was extra special as it represented another tech first – the first player signed live on streaming platform twitch.

However, Torin Page’s time with Wolves has now come to an end, with the PlayStation 4 eSports player departing having spent the past 12 months representing the club. Wolves would like to wish Torin the best of luck in the future.