Wolves Cash to launch ahead of 2019/20 season

Ticket and Merchandise cash will be combined for the 2019/20 season, allowing Wolves supporters to merge their loyalty cash balance and spend it on both ticketing and merchandise.

An exclusive benefit to season ticket holders and members, supporters will be awarded 10 per cent of total transaction value on ticketing* and retail purchases*.

Wolves Cash balances can be redeemed at shop.wolves.co.uk immediately, with online ticketing allowing redemption of Wolves Cash from 2nd September.

The first instalment of early bird bonuses for supporters who purchased their season tickets for the early bird rate will be made available from 2nd September and can be redeemed on tickets or retail items. Click here to view the early bird bonus award amounts.

This first instalment must be redeemed prior to 3rd January, at which point it will be cancelled. The second instalment will follow on 6th January.

As with the 2018/19 season’s Ticket and Merchandise cash, existing balances will be cancelled ahead of the 2020/21 campaign on 31st May.

Wolves Cash awarded on tickets will reach supporters balances the day after the game, with Wolves Cash on merchandise purchases awarded following the refund period (30 days).

Wolves Cash balances, transaction history and exclusive offers will be available to view from supporters’ Wolves Account portal later this summer.

Supporters will also be notified via email each month of their Wolves Cash balance – so please ensure you have created a Wolves Account with your correct email address and linked your supporter number to this account.


  • 1st June 2019: Ticket and Merchandise cash combined, supporters being to earn points on ticket and merchandise transactions. Balances can be redeemed at shop.wolves.co.uk
  • 2nd September 2019: Balances can be redeemed online at tickets.wolves.co.uk
  • 2nd September 2019: First instalment of early bird bonus awarded
  • 3rd January 2020: First instalment of early bird bonus cancelled if not used
  • 31st May 2020: All existing Wolves Cash balances cancelled ahead of the new season

*Wolves Cash awarded and redeemed when purchasing the following: home league match tickets, official away travel tickets or Museum tickets – no other ticket types are eligible for Wolves Cash. Wolves Cash is not eligible to purchase gift cards / vouchers.