Carling draught on sale in Molineux concourses

Supporters can enjoy draught Carling for the first time at Molineux on Tuesday evening as Wolves begin a trial period in the Sir Jack Hayward and Billy Wright Stands, following feedback at Fans’ Parliament meetings.

Wolves are dedicated to improving the matchday service for supporters and are excited to introduce this fast-pour system with Carling in the Sir Jack Hayward Upper, and FlexiDraft system in the Billy Wright Upper, starting for the visit of Manchester United on Tuesday evening.

Supporters will be able to purchase Carling for £5.20 per pint, which includes a £1 deposit for a re-usable cup. Once purchased, fans will be charged £4.20 per pint if cups are returned when purchasing a new drink.

While the club is in the trial stages of this system, Wolves kindly ask fans to help make this a success by being patient with any possible teething problems.

Billy Wright Stand supporters will only be available in the bar located between block W7 and W8 in the Billy Wright Stand.


How do I get my deposit back?

You can reclaim your £1 deposit pre-match by returning your cup at the kiosk to a member of staff.

You can reclaim your £1 deposit at half-time by queuing in the dedicated deposit collection lane. Please hand your cup to a member of staff who will exchange the cup for £1.

You can reclaim your £1 deposit up to 15 minutes after the final whistle from a Carling kiosk. Please hand your cup to a member of staff who will exchange the cup for £1.

Can I dispose of my cup?

Charity bins will be available for fans to deposit cups. For every cup deposited, 50p will be donated to the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation. Fans are asked to use the dedicated bins provided to ensure this donation is made. You will find these within the concourse next to the kiosks.

Can I keep my cup?

Absolutely! Once purchased, the cup is rightfully yours. Supporters can choose to keep their cup or bring it back to every game. Fans will be charged £4.20 per pint if they return their cup to the kiosk before purchasing a new drink. Supporters are encouraged to return their cup to ensure they are only charged £4.20 per pint.

Will a pint of Carling cost me £5.20 every game?

No. Only your first drink will cost £5.20, as supporters will be paying £1 of this for a re-usable cup. If supporters want to purchase a second drink, they will pay £4.20 if their cup is returned to the kiosk.