Loyalty points updated for 2018/19

Supporters are advised that all loyalty points have now been updated for purchases made at the start of the 2018/19 season.

Loyalty points are awarded to supporters purchasing season tickets, memberships and match tickets.

Fans are awarded 10 loyalty points for every match they purchase, which gives them priority for future tickets.

Season ticket holders are automatically awarded 1,000 points meaning that they will always have priority access to tickets over non-season ticket holders.

Season ticket holders will also earn an additional 10 loyalty points for every away league or first team cup match they attend.

Loyalty points were also awarded to supporters who attended the pre-season friendly versus Villarreal in August.

Members are automatically awarded 100 points and will be able to collect 10 loyalty points for every league and first team cup game they attend.

Current points totals reflect the following season ticket, membership and match ticket purchases:

  • Home season ticket: 1,000 points
  • Gold away season ticket: 2,000 points
  • Silver away season ticket: 1,500 points
  • My Wolves, Young Wolves and #WolfPack membership: 100 points
  • Wolves vs Villarreal: 10 points
  • Wolves vs Everton: 10 points
  • Wolves vs Manchester City: 10 points
  • Leicester City vs Wolves: 10 points
  • Sheffield Wednesday vs Wolves: 10 points
  • West Ham United vs Wolves: 10 points

Points are added to supporter accounts once each game has taken place. If a supporter buys multiple tickets for a fixture using one supporter number only 10 points will be added.

Season ticket holders who purchase additional home league match tickets do not receive additional points.

Supporter numbers cannot be allocated to ticket purchases retrospectively. It is the responsibility of the supporters to ensure that supporter number are provided at the time of purchase.

For any queries related to loyalty points email tickets@wolves.co.uk or call 0371 222 1877.