Precision Hydration named Wolves' Official Hydration Partner

Players' hydration strategies have been personalised for Wolves' return to the Premier League.

Nuno's coaching staff have left no stone unturned as they prepare the squad for their return to the Premier League this season.

One area Head of Nutrition Mayur Ranchordas was looking to improve was the players' hydration strategies. He had each player sweat tested by Precision Hydration so that what they drink during training and on match day could be personalised.

Precision Hydration - the club's new official hydration partner - will be providing each player with electrolyte drinks that match how they sweat this season.

And it's not just about drinking during the game, the starting XI will be drinking an extra strong sports drink before the game to help them start well hydrated. The extra sodium can also help players avoid cramping up towards the end of matches.

If you're training for something yourself and want to stay hydrated like Wolves, you can personalise your own hydration strategy and get 15% off Precision Hydration's electrolyte drinks using the code WOLVESAYWE at