Wolves And West Midlands Police Issue Pyro Warning

Wolves and West Midlands Police are warning supporters against bringing flares, smoke grenades or any kind of pyrotechnic device to Bank Holiday Monday’s open top bus parade and Promotion Party in the Park.

New legislation in place since April has made carrying pyrotechnics at musical events illegal, whilst anyone letting off flares or smoke grenades, or even carrying a pyrotechnic device, is liable for arrest under section 80 of the explosives act.

With many young children expected at the event, smoke devices can spoil the viewing experience of others, and can also cause panic in crowded areas which could result in injury to fellow supporters or potential emergency evacuation of the buses.

There will be searches on entering West Park and anyone found with a device will be refused entry and will face possible arrest.

Wolves managing director Laurie Dalrymple said: “Wolves is a real family club and Monday will be a real family friendly event, designed for all ages to celebrate our achievements this season.

“With this in mind, we appeal to all supporters who were intending to bring smoke grenades or pyrotechnic devices to think twice, and consider others around you.”

A West Midlands police spokesperson said: “Officers will be on hand on the day to ensure the safety of all attending. The event is intended to be a fun and welcoming celebration for all fans to enjoy, including children.

“The use of flares, fireworks and smoke grenades along the route is not permitted, and anyone caught doing so is liable for arrest under section 80 of the explosives act.

“Fans attending the West Park music event afterwards are advised that under new legislation, the possession of pyrotechnic devices e.g. smoke grenades, flares or fireworks is an offence. Any individuals found to be in possession will face arrest.”