Laurie Dalrymple On 2018/19 Season Tickets

Following the announcement of season ticket prices for the upcoming Premier League campaign, managing director Laurie Dalrymple has explained the pricing structure and plans for the club moving forward.

Speaking to Wolves TV following the announcement, he said: “I know there’s been a lot of talk now for several months about fans wanting clarity on prices.

“As a club, we wanted to evaluate our ticketing strategy, not just the price of a ticket, but also the associated costs which go with it, and we wanted to do that with some certainty regarding the league we were going to be in.

“We built a clear and concise strategy last year which was built about reengaging with fans, it was about filling Molineux and getting a collective spirit behind the team.

“Also, it was about putting our junior fans at the front, with how we want to take the club forward and really engaging with the fans of tomorrow.

“If you think what we’ve charged for the product and brand of Wolves this season, I think every fan would agree it’s been more than good value for money.

“We’ve taken a number of things into consideration with our ticket strategy for next year, not least evaluating the league we’re going to be in and understanding the opposition we’re going to be playing.

“We also have one eye on the fact we’re going to continue to make significant investment, which won’t just be restricted to the playing side, but every aspect of the club.

“I appreciate it’s potentially an emotive topic for supporters, but I sit here now understanding what the future and vision of the club is.

“We believe we’re going to continue to deliver that level of product, both on the field, whilst bringing everything up to Premier League level.”

Current season ticket holders, who’ve supported the team during this season’s successful campaign, have until the end of May to renew their season ticket at a lower rate than new season ticket holders.

“Every single season ticket holder that is on our books now will have the right to retain and pay for their season next season.

“That right is exclusively for them until the end of May, before the relatively minor amount of remaining season tickets which go on sale will have a different pricing strategy.

“We want to reward the fans who’ve been on board with us and got behind the team, both last year and this, which I think is right and fair to do.

“As a management team, as a squad, as staff, as fans, as a city and community there shouldn’t be a limit as to where we think we could go. I don’t want anyone to be of the mind we’re going into the Premier League just to be part of it.

“I can’t tell you now where we’ll finish next year, but what I can tell you is we’ll be doing everything within our power to compete as strongly as we can in that league and the fans should rightly be behind that."