Season ticket numbers revealed

15,256 sold so far

Following today’s 5pm deadline we can confirm that we have now sold 15,256 season tickets.  Including complimentary tickets (for staff and disabled carers) our current season ticket holder figure for 2017/18 is 15,793.


Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple has hailed the figure as a “fantastic show of support” from fans for the new season, which represents a 41% increase compared to this time last year which was ahead of the 2016/17 campaign.


We are also delighted to welcome an additional 1,155 junior fans to the pack.


Unfortunately, despite this fantastic increase, the target wasn’t quite sufficient to trigger the part-refunds for purchasers.


However, as committed to when we launched the campaign, every adult who purchased a season ticket during the Early Bird window (before April 3rd 2017) will receive their Early Bird Merchandise Cash bonus as per the previous two seasons.


Fans will be awarded an amount based on how many years they have consecutively held their season ticket and the bonus will be made in two instalments. The first will be available from 1st October until Thursday 4th January and the second from Monday 7th January until Thursday 26th April 2018. Full details of the Early Bird Merchandise Cash Bonus are available here. 


These amounts will be automatically credited to supporters’ accounts to be redeemed at the Molineux Megastore or online, on any items.


“I want to say thank you to each and every supporter who has purchased a Season Ticket, and for giving the club such a fantastic show of support,” said Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple.


“In setting the prices for the 2017/18 season, we wanted to both reward the loyalty of our existing supporter base but also try and encourage more fans – and particularly the Next Generation of fans – to purchase a Season Ticket.


“In that respect we are particularly pleased to have attracted so many junior supporters who have purchased a Season Ticket.


“I suppose there is a slight disappointment that the target wasn’t reached to trigger the part refunds, and, as I said on several occasions, there is nothing I would have liked more than to have seen those cheques being sent out!


“But it is still a terrific figure, and already the highest seen since the 2011/12 Premier League season with over two months of selling time still remaining.


“That is an impressive level of support for which we are extremely appreciative, and one which can only help Nuno and the players as we head into the new season.


“Whilst thanking Season Ticket holders, I am also very much aware that not every supporter is able to purchase a Season Ticket for a wide variety of reasons.


“As ever, we value every single supporter however they are able to follow the club, and we are planning other matchday ticket initiatives and incentives to try and encourage as many supporters as possible to come to Molineux next season.


“Coupled with the significant investment which is being made into a new improved PA system, and the two big screens, we are keen to ensure that Molineux is an exciting and vibrant place to be as we all look forward to what we are confident will be a successful season.”