Junior Fans Parliament Minutes 10th April 2017

Minutes from the Junior Fans Parliament Meeting

On Tuesday 10th April the first of the new Junior Fans Parliament meetings was held in the Museum and the main topic of discussion was the nee website. Parents were taken on a tour of the Stadium by Historian Pat Quirke while Libby, Joe, Tom, Joel and Harry talked all things Wolves with Robbie and Marina from website developers Aqueduct. Also in attendance was David Wood from the Ticket Office and Charlotte Johnson and Laura Gabbidon from the Marketing Department.

The attendees were split into two and the meeting was kicked off by discussing four questions in their groups; what are your favourite websites; what do you do online and what do you like to do on wolves.co.uk and three things you would like to see on Wolves’ website or social media channels.

Polls, player information, match reports and stats were the most popular content features on wolves.co.uk and Snapchat and Instagram the social media profiles of choice.

The Parliament members were then asked to come up with a new content idea based on a phrase picked out of a hat and some fantastic and original suggestions were made. Aqueduct and the Marketing team will be looking in to how these could be incorporated into the website in the future.

Everyone was then shown a colour and asked which brand it made them think of and in what ways they could partner with Wolves. The Parliament also told us how much they liked the new programme covers this season.

Dave Wood then gave everyone a sneak preview of the exclusive members’ gifts for next season and asked for the Parliament’s feedback on each of them. The reactions were positive and it was a definite Junior Fans Parliament Seal of Approval.

Dave rounded off the meeting asking everyone for their predictions for Saturday’s Good Friday game against Brighton & Hove Albion… Wolves were the clear winners with all five members predicting a Wolves win. Here’s hoping!

Thank you to those who attended the meeting, we’ll be announcing the next Fans Parliament meeting details shortly. If you’d like to find out about becoming a Junior Fans Parliament member please email youngwolves@wolves.co.uk.