DSA Committee Meeting - 27th November 2017


Present: Stuart Alves, Martyn Willis, Andy Pike, Nigel Driver, Jennie Alves, Graham Lakin.

Apologies: Guy and Ryan Weaver.

Meeting opened: 7:10 pm

The main objective of this meeting after hearing that Lin Corbett was standing down from her position as deputy chairperson of the DSA and also the person who has been responsible for booking coaches for away games.

The committee agreed that we needed someone to support Nigel with the constant updating of coach lists, booking coaches and liaising with the coach company.  Jennie Alves is prepared to help take on the job of booking coaches and helping Nigel.

As Lin was also the 2nd signatory on the cheques It was also necessary for someone to take over this role, Martyn Willis volunteered to take over this position, subject to paper work from the bank being completed, all committee members supported this action.

Methods of communication

Several committee members who offered to become involved in technology were very disappointed how it was presented to them and no progress was made, this person has now left Wolves and been replaced by Mark Ridgway.  Dennis will look after Hot Mail, Guy will deal with Facebook and Andy will look after twitter.  Jennie Alves and Martyn Willis are both involved in social media.

Away travel

Graham reported that only 15 members showed interest in going to Sheffield Wednesday therefore it was not viable to take less than half a coach to Sheffield at a cost of over £600.

Other away matches were also discussed, the trip to Bristol City has been cancelled due to the time of the year and an evening kick off.

The DSA are considering the following away trips;

Barnsley on 13 January 2018.

Ipswich on 27 January 2018

Preston on 17 February 2018

Fulham on 24 February 2018

Cardiff on 7 April 2018

Bolton on 21April 2018

All of the above dates may be subject to change due to TV coverage or FA cup matches.

Martyn Willis informed the committee he had set up visits to West Bromwich and Manchester City to look at their ground facilities and maybe get a few ideas on how we can provide better facilities for our match days.

Martyn has confirmed with Sue Howell from the Grand Theatre that we would like to take members to the theatre and has confirmed 24 seats will be given suitable access for disabled members and also provide seats for carers, this will take place in early 2019.

Christmas Bash

Preparation is going ahead for our bash on Thursday 14th December in the North Bank Bar starting at 7pm.  Stuart asked if we could use a little more of our lottery money, to provide a good night.  The committee agreed.

Dennis Green had a request from a member Luke Lewis, asking if he could bring his mother who is his carer to the Christmas bash. All committee members said they had no objection to the request.       

Graham Lakin 1/12/17.