BBC Price Of Football Survey

Wolves have noted the results of the annual BBC Price of Football Survey, released last night with a variety of information about pricing at football clubs.

Wolves were one of 200 clubs across the country who responded to the BBC’s questions, whilst a further 1000 18-24-year-old supporters were polled to get an idea of their views on pricing in football.

Click here to view details of the BBC survey and here for news on attendances from the EFL.

Wolves Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple said: "As always, we read the findings of the annual BBC Price of Football survey with interest and find it interesting to compare our prices against other clubs.

“Whilst recognising the value of the findings, it is difficult to carry out such a wide-ranging survey when different clubs offer so many different initiatives, and there are many of our own initiatives which are not reflected in these results.

"We are now delighted that our Season Ticket base is now past the 18,500 mark, which is not just a reflection of our current league position but also a commitment to competitive pricing which saw 16,000 sold prior to the start of the campaign when prices had been frozen.

"Crucially, and particularly given some of the key findings of the published survey, we also introduced a vastly reduced Season Ticket for junior supporters, which has proved extremely popular in encouraging the Next Generation of supporters through the turnstiles at Molineux.

“We have seen an increase of over 100% in the number of junior season tickets purchased this season, as well as a sizeable increase in the 18-24 age group.

"Coupled with those incentives, we continue to implement various match-to-match ticketing initiatives, and also try to encourage even more young supporters to Molineux.

“For example, over the course of this season we expect to give out a total of 3,500 complimentary tickets to schools and community groups, including a Wolves Community Trust fixture where we invite hundreds of youngsters from the local area.

“On top of the varied ticketing initiatives, we have made significant investment to enhance the matchday experience for all fans this season as well as driving crucial support for the team.

"We have also enjoyed fantastic sales with all of our replica kits, symbolising our desire to be as responsive to the fans wishes both on and off the pitch as we can be, but I think the key message from all of our ticketing and merchandise activities is that we will never grow complacent. We strive to deliver the greatest entertainment at the most appropriate and fair price for all.

"We continue to engage in regular dialogue with our supporters via our website, social media, the Fans’ Parliament, and direct correspondence to ensure that we remain as competitive as we can in all areas of the Club whilst also ensuring we have the foundations in place to continue to develop and progress."