Live Streaming Update

Wolves TV will not be providing a live stream of tomorrow’s trip to Derby County, but will be streaming Tuesday’s fixture away at Hull City.

Limited gantry space at Pride Park means Wolves are unable to send the required camera crew to the stadium, and, whilst Derby have made their live feed available, we are not comfortable enough that the process required to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service to our fans would be guaranteed. As a result, we do not feel confident that our stream could provide the reliable and value-for-money service that we would want to offer supporters.

Derby County are streaming the fixture, and do offer a video match pass at £5.

We are able to send our full camera crew to Tuesday’s game at Hull, which will therefore be streamed via Wolves TV, as will the next home fixture against Cardiff City a week tomorrow.

We remain committed to making use of the new technology to offer the streaming service where possible, but equally want to be sure that problems which have occurred so far this season, continue to be eradicated as soon as possible.

As previously stated, an uninterrupted live streaming service across every fixture was not something we could commit to at the beginning of the season.  For that reason, we purposefully didn’t commit fans to a seasonal package for live streaming, as we were mindful that the quality and level of service at away grounds was dependent on gantry capacity and then the use of our technology.  The reason this information is being communicated late is due to discussions surrounding whether we would have been able to stream tomorrow.

Moving forward, we aim to communicate well in advance of fixtures which are available to be live streamed, at a cost of £5 per fixture.

An audio seasonal pass remains available guaranteeing match commentary on every fixture for a total payment of £45.