Season Tickets Renewal Deadline

After extending the deadline for season ticket sales by two weeks, fans now have just over 48 hours to purchase a season ticket before the new deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 15th June 2017.

Existing season ticket holders have until this time to renew their current season ticket and this is also the deadline for the rebate target.

Any season ticket sales made after this time will not count towards the 16,500 figure (must include 14,400 adults) that would trigger part-refunds for all adult season ticket holders.

After this date any seats not renewed will be released for sale.

The relocation window will open at 10am on Monday 19th June and, until 5pm on that day, will only be available to season ticket holders that have purchased by Wednesday’s 5pm deadline.   This is to ensure that current season ticket holders get the first pick of seats they would like to move to.

From 5pm onwards on Monday, new season ticket sales will again be allowed with all available seats on sale online.  Relocations – which can only be carried out at the Ticket Office or on the Ticket Line – will then continue from 10am on Tuesday.

After Wednesday, season tickets will remain on sale at the current prices.  However anyone buying after the deadline will not qualify for the part-refund should the target be reached.

As of this morning 15,141 season tickets have been sold which includes 12,235 adults.

Wolves remain delighted with the fantastic show of support from fans which has resulted in the highest number of season ticket holders since the 2011/12 Premier League season, and that’s with over two months of selling time remaining.

Finally, renewing season ticket holders are reminded to keep hold of their smartcards for next season as they will not be replaced.