Sir Jack Statue Update

Clarification on community campaign

Wolves have met with supporters organising the Sir Jack Statue fan and community campaign and with reporter Tim Spiers from the Express & Star.

The fans outlined their campaign ideas, whilst the Club and the supporters confirmed to Tim what was always the case: that Wolves will cover any shortfall in the fundraising with the sculptor, James Butler, already working on designs.

Matt Grayson, Head of Marketing & Communications, Wolves, said: “I recognise there’s been some confusion amongst fans regarding the Sir Jack Statue fundraising plans and therefore I wanted to do two things today: Firstly to apologise for that confusion and secondly take another positive step to clarify the situation.

“It was always the case that any shortfall in the cost of the Sir Jack Hayward Statue would be met by Wolves. For example, the sculptor, James Butler, is already commissioned and working on designs having been appointed by the Club.

“Wolves were approached by some fans with some great ideas to get supporters and the community involved, including the symbolic ‘#tennerforsirjack idea. 

“The statue will be marked with a plaque talking about the fan and community involvement in helping make the statue happen and how it came about because of Sir Jack’s unique and special relationship with them both, and with the city in general. That was the genuine motivation and nothing else.

“The situation has been clarified to Tim Spiers from the Express & Star and the paper are supporting the campaign.

“Sir Jack’s legacy is extremely important to all of us. We think with the tribute game and the memorial service that took place this time last year, everyone could see how much the Club and the supporters came together to pay tribute to the great man.

“We will continue to work hard with the fans and the community to push forward with the campaign.”