Wolves Wishes: Sam Ricketts and Dave Edwards surprise Teaching Assistant and her class

Players drop in to Lane Green First School in Codsall

THE FAN: Tracy Caddick, a teaching assistant at Lane Green First School in Codsall.

THE WISHER: Kelly Winwood, who started working with Tracy in January this year and the two quickly became friends.

WHY: Tracy is a teaching assistant who goes above and beyond in her job, consistently clocking up the hours, running additional events and activities for the kids, quite often at her own expense. She arrives at school at 7am every day to get everything ready and then leads Breakfast Club at 8am. She also runs a football team as part of after school club and does as much as she can for the pupils on top of being a Year Three Teaching Assistant.

KELLY SAYS: “You will never ever meet a woman who will put ANYONE AND EVERYONE before herself. She is a rock within the school to everyone and anyone at the school would back me up for this. The football team she runs have had their struggles and not scored many goals but Tracy is always happy and makes the team feel like winners every time. She cares so much not only for the staff but for each and every child. Since meeting Tracy I have myself become a fan of Wolves after being invited to my very first match by her and falling in love with the team! Tracy is truly an amazing person and if you meet her you would agree. We wanted her to know just how much we all love and appreciate everything she does for us.”

THE WISH: Samuel Ricketts and Dave Edwards surprised Tracy with some Wolves goodies, including the use of an executive box for a forthcoming game. Students were also handed some Wolves gifts and match tickets, and staff from Wolves Community Trust put on a small sports session.

TRACY SAYS: “I had no idea anything was going to happen, I was told that the football team were having their picture taken for the parish magazine. I did wonder a little bit when I was told to wear my Wolves kit though! But I was really shocked - it has been amazing."