Get To Know | Dean Pinnington

Young midfielder Dean Pinnington is the latest Wolves Academy star to give an insight into his life, both on and off the pitch.


Full name: Dean Stanley Pinnington

Position: Midfielder

Birthdate: 17/11/2002

Nationality: Manx

Hometown: Douglas, Isle of Man

Height: 175cm

Weight: 70kg

Previous clubs: None

Time at Wolves: Three years

Nickname: Deano or Pinny


What’s your earliest memory in football?

I remember playing it outside my house, but I can also remember watching Man United when I was young on the telly, which is why I wanted to be a football player.

What has been your best moment in football?

Signing the scholarship for Wolves was so good. I was proper emotional when I signed, as it’s the first step of the ladder for me to become a footballer.

What team did you support as a child?

I support both Man United and Celtic.

What trophy would you most like to win?

The Ballon d’Or.

Who are your best friends at Wolves?

I’m close to Chem [Campbell], Jack Scott, Lee [Harkin] – I’m mates with all of them really, as they’re all good lads.

Who is your funniest teammate?

It’s got to be either Chem and sometimes Jaden [Forrester].

Who is your worst dressed teammate?

Jack Scott. Not even a question.

What are your hobbies outside of football?

Generally, just every other sport. I play everything and just like being active.

What would you want to be if not a footballer?

I’d want to be a millionaire, but I’d end up being a fisherman with my dad!

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Sport aside from football: Boxing

Current/former player: Ronaldo

Pair of boots: Nike Mercurials

Social media platform: Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

Phone game: Flappy Bird

Food/meal: A Chinese takeaway

Film: Law Abiding Citizen

TV series: Prison Break

Band/artist: Oasis

Holiday destination: Majorca