Get To Know | Christian Marques

Under-23 captain Christian Marques is the first of our Academy players to give us an insight into his life, both on and off the pitch.


Full name: Christian Fernandes Marques

Position: Centre-back

Birthdate: 15/01/2003

Nationality: Portuguese

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

Height: 1.87m

Weight: 75kg

Previous clubs: Dubendorf, Grasshopers

Time at Wolves: 18 months

Nickname: Chris


What’s your earliest memory in football?

When Real Madrid played Celta Vigo when I was about five or six years old.

What has been your best moment in football?

Winning the cup with Grasshoppers and then being part of the Wolves squad which won the Asia Trophy in the summer.

What team did you support as a child?

Real Madrid, but I also liked Benfica.

What trophy would you most like to win?

Champions League.

Who are your best friends at Wolves?

Pascal (Estrada), Todd (Parker) and Youngy (Joe Young).

Who is your funniest teammate?

Luke Cundle.

Who is your worst dressed teammate?

Pascal wears some awful clothes!

What are your hobbies outside of football?

I like to play on the PS4, going out with my friends and I enjoy shopping.

What would you want to be if not a footballer?

A coach.


Sport aside from football: Basketball

Current/former player: Sergio Ramos

Pair of boots: Adidas Predators

Social media platform: Instagram

Phone game: Fortnite

Food/meal: Pizza

Film: The Fast and the Furious

TV series: Money Heist

Band/artist: I enjoy music, but I don’t have a favourite

Holiday destination: Portugal

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