Elliot Watt Q&A

Getting to know the first year midfielder

Wolves Academy Under-18s are back in action at Blackburn on Saturday. Here, Tom Heslop catches up for an introduction to first year scholar Elliot Watt.

Age: 16-years-old

Position: Central Midfield

How long have you been with the club?

Since the start of the season.

What would you say your best attribute was as a central midfielder?

I’d like to think I am a bit of a playmaker but I do get around the pitch quite a bit as well.

What part of your game do you think that you could improve on?

Well currently I am working on improving my power and my pace over 10 to 20 yards just to try and benefit me and the team both whilst we are in possession and out of it.

What is your best moment of the season so far?

On a collective level as a team, I would have to say it is the last minute winner against local rivals West Bromwich Albion which Taylor Perry scored. It was so great to get a late winner against our local rivals so I would definitely have to say that.

Would you say that that is something that boosts team morale when you score a late winner against a local rival?

I would say so, yes. You could probably see from the celebrations when Taylor scored that we are quite a close knit group and the morale in the dressing room was very high so hopefully we can take that into the forthcoming games.

Being a tight knit group, do you think that improves your overall performances?

Yes, definitely! It really does help if the team is close together. If you have a collective group in the dressing room who distance themselves from the main group then it creates a certain divide and you don’t want that. When we are out there on the pitch, if we all have a good relationship then I think it improves our performances.

For the fans that haven’t seen you play before, tell us what they can expect from you over the next few years or so…

Hopefully I will keep progressing week after week and then I am hopeful of getting a chance in the under 23’s very soon and if all that goes well, maybe I’ll be playing at Molineux in a few years time.

If you were to compare yourself to any member of the current first team squad, who would it be and why?

I would have to say Jack Price because of the way that we both play with the ball. We are both trying to pass the ball around, so it would have to be him.

What are your aspirations for the rest of the season and have you set yourself any targets?

I had a meeting with Jerry (Gill) last week and I said that I am hoping to get a chance with the under 23’s and take it, so for this season, that would be my main target.

Do you think that the under 23’s is a target that can be achieved this season?

Yes, definitely it can be. I was in the squad to play against Romulus last Tuesday night but that unfortunately got cancelled and rescheduled to this week. Hopefully there will be another chance for me soon and if there is then I will look to take it.

How were you approached by the club when they wanted to sign you and what were the deciding factors in signing for the club?

When I was with Preston North End, it looked like I was going to sign for them because there wasn’t much else happening in terms of other clubs coming in for me but then Bob Brown got in touch and it all just escalated from then really. I came in for a week, played a game against Kidderminster Harriers and it then went from there. I came in a few more times, but it took a little bit longer than we would have liked at the start of the season to get it over the line but it eventually happened.

What was it like pulling on a Wolves shirt during that initial first week with the club?

If I am honest, it was a little bit nervy because all of the staff were there. Scott Sellars and a few first team staff were in attendance so it was quite daunting but as soon as I got my first touch of the ball, I settled into the game so I was fine after that.

To date, what would you say your career highlight is?

I would have to say it would have been last month when I was with Scotland out in Portugal when we managed to qualify for the Euros. We won three out of three games against Malta, Wales and Portugal, scoring eight goals, and conceding none, which was a great achievement as a team and that has stuck in my memory.

What is it like being a full time scholar in the academy?

It is very demanding but those demands are there to improve you. Everybody in the group knows what they have got to do to get to the next level so it is just about working hard to get there.