Our commitment

Feed Our Pack is a pioneering new initiative which sees the Wolves Foundation partner with the local organisations to:

  • Support our local food banks to address the increasing challenge of food poverty aiming to provide 5,000 meals every month from January 2021.
  • Combat holiday hunger with food, sport and education for young people aiming to support 500 families in crisis.

Feed our Pack is a direct response to the impact of Covid-19 across the city of Wolverhampton.

Our skills in delivering outstanding education and health programmes and in supporting those who are in crisis and/or vulnerable will be fully utilised in the battle to reduce food poverty.

Initially supporting school children and foodbanks, the longer-term plan is to expand the programme across the city.

We won’t undertake this ground-breaking initiative in isolation by using the power of the Wolves brand we will develop effective partnerships across the city with local businesses and local people to enable us to sustain and grow the offer.