Fans' Parliament

Fans' Parliament

What is Wolves Fans' Parliament?

Wolves Fans' Parliament is a supporter’s group that meet with senior management at the club to put questions forward on behalf of their fellow fans.

What is the purpose of the Fans' Parliament?

Since the formation of the Fans' Parliament in 2006 we have been consulted on a wide range of issues, examples of areas where we have consulted with the club include:

  • Europa League travel and match day support
  • Rail Seating in the Sir Jack Hayward Stand
  • Match day catering
  • The closure of the Waterloo Road on match days
  • Booking and administration charges for match day tickets
  • Removal of the premium rate phone number
  • The reintroduction of the video walls
  • The introduction of a Fans Zone
  • Members involvement with the ‘match day experience’ group
  • The introduction of Wolves Help on the website and the @wolveshelp twitter account

Who are the members of Wolves Fans Parliament?

Anyone can apply to be a member; the constitution dictates that the maximum time that anyone can have continuous membership is four years (unless by special resolution of the committee). New members are invited to join in July of each year.

NOTE: the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the AGM to January 2021.

How many members are there?

Although flexibility exists on the maximum number of members, the ideal number is between 30 and 40.

What is the criteria to become a member?

There is no criteria for membership, we look for diverse representation across our fan base, our current membership profile includes non-season ticket holders and members from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds.

Do you publish lists of Fans Parliament members?

We no longer publish members details, if you contact us through our email address we can put you in direct contact with an appropriate member if you have a specific area of concern or interest.

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In past years, there has been a target of a minimum of four full members meetings with the club and minutes of previous of meetings can be found here.

The format for meetings is changing in the 2020/21 season to a more focused approach, with smaller groups meeting with the club to discuss specific ideas and initiatives.

Going forward, the Fans' Parliament will publish a regular report of ongoing activity and these reports will also be published here.

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We need a regular supply of new members! Our constitution requires members to serve a maximum of four years so we are constantly refreshing the membership.

New members are welcomed to the Fans' Parliament at the AGM held in the summer in between seasons.

Anyone can apply to be a member and acceptance is based on approval by the club. We normally have a waiting list for membership and you can apply to join at any time.