Nuno urges support for Feed Our Pack fixture

Nuno Espirito Santo has thanked supporters who have backed Wolves Foundation’s Feed Our Pack campaign but encourages more people to get involved ahead of tonight’s fixture with Liverpool, which is being dedicated to the initiative.

Donations from Nuno and the Premier League PFA and Community Fund helped the Foundation launch Feed Our Pack in January, but further backing from fans is needed to ensure as much support as possible can be given to help alleviate food poverty in the community.

The project was stepped up during the half term holidays with a large number of food parcels delivered by Foundation staff, and it is planned to distribute even more at Easter.

To help bring greater awareness to the initiative, this evening’s game against Liverpool game is the designated Feed Our Pack focus fixture.

It will be the first ever Wolves game where supporters can purchase a virtual ticket, while Wolves’ players will be wearing special edition shirts, emblazoned with the Feed Our Pack logo, which can be purchased here.

Nuno said: “I decided to get involved because of the situation that we are facing, the difficulties of the people, the difficulties of society and because there are people who have less than you that need your help in tough moments.

“Everybody should feel that way about their community. We are one; as a community, as a society, and we’re still on the move, trying to help.

“There are a lot of initiatives that the Foundation has put together, especially in half-terms and the holidays and the meals that people need.

“Another initiative is the virtual tickets for the match against Liverpool, but every penny of those tickets will go straight to people who need more.”

So far, more than 1,000 virtual tickets have been sold for this evening’s Premier League tie with Liverpool, with all the funds raised being diverted straight to supporting the most vulnerable people within the community who have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite having added more than £50,000 to the available funds, Nuno is encouraging supporters who are able to purchase a ticket to get involved, so even more people can get the help that they so desperately need.

“It’s amazing, and we cannot thank them enough, because we know that it’s not easy, it’s a difficult moment for everybody,” Nuno said.

“But let’s try to do more because each and every penny of that will go directly to the people who need it in Wolverhampton, and believe me, there are still people and will still be people who really need a hand and help.

“We cannot thank our fans enough, but we have to keep on going to make this a helpful situation because it will make an impact on people’s lives, to families and children, that now, with the situation of schools and meals, the Foundation is working very hard and is very committed to it.”

Tickets cost £20, with every penny going to Feed Our Pack – click here to view more details and make your purchase. 

Wolves’ home shirts for this evening’s Premier League clash with Liverpool will feature the Feed Our Pack logo and a limited number have been made available for supporters to claim too.

The special edition Feed Our Pack shirts are priced at £40, with a £15 donation going to the project. They are available to purchase now at

Nuno added: “We are in a very tough moment and unfortunately the pandemic is bringing effects that will last a long time.

“Each and everyone of us has to look for support among ourselves to get through this tough period, and if we work together, for sure, the future will be better for us.”