Players should enjoy atmosphere, says Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo insists his players will thrive in the lively atmosphere they’ll experience in Istanbul on Thursday evening.

Wolves take on Besiktas in the Europa League in their second group game, at a stadium known for a noisy atmosphere. Having arrived in Turkey on Wednesday evening, Nuno feels his squad are well prepared and ready for a fresh challenge after their return to form at the weekend.

On dealing with the atmosphere

“We have to focus on the pitch. It’s good to play in a loud atmosphere, the players are ready. I don’t see an issue, it’s a normal game. We have to focus what’s inside the pitch, Besiktas, their team, their players, do your task, play the game, enjoy yourself.

“We’ve prepared well. The players have to be focused on what they have to do. I have to be focused on what I have to do. The team must be ready to execute the game plan.”  

On Besiktas’ challenge

“We expect a very tough match. Besiktas are a very good team, with a lot of players who play for international teams. We expect, like always, a very difficult match in a tough competition. The Europa League group stages are very tough, so we have to be ready.

“We analyse, see the things where Besiktas are strong and not so strong, and approach the same, trying to take advantage of the things we can do well, take advantage of their weaknesses, but always in a respectful way, knowing Besiktas have a lot of good players.”

On his team’s preparations

“It’s not based on momentum, it’s based on the ability to compete. No matter what result you have, just go and compete, be ready and prepare yourself to compete. Waiting for a good momentum to do things, football in my view is not that.

“Every game is a new opportunity, a new challenge for every team. Thursday is a new start for us, then we prepare for the next game.”