Advertise online with Wolves

Wolves have launched a brand new platform for businesses of all sizes to reach visitors to and the Wolves App.

Using the self-serve platform, businesses can upload advertising banners to sit on the and Wolves App homepages and news articles, reaching a global audience in the millions.

The new platform allows businesses to set a timeframe and budget that suits them, spending as much or as little as they like, with advertising rates comparable to other online ad networks and platforms.

Ads are reviewed to ensure they comply with the club’s advertising policy, and once approved immediately begin displaying with full reporting and analysis tools to ensure success.

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Russell Jones, general manager for marketing and commercial growth, said: “This new platform is a first of its kind in the sports industry, allowing businesses to connect with our highly engaged fanbase across our own digital channels.

“Whether a small local business eager to reach supporters in Wolverhampton or a larger organisation looking to connect with our large global following, this platform provides a quick, cost-effective and easy way to do so.

“We’ll be reviewing all ads as they are submitted to ensure our supporters have access to the best offers from reputable sources, with a maximum of one ad displayed per page.”

Click here to begin creating your ads today.