Wolves host Premier Skills exhibition

Today sees the launch of the Premier Skills exhibition in Wolfie’s Den here at Molineux. The exhibition was launched earlier this year in Westminster and has hit the road touring Premier League clubs this season and we’re delighted to host it.

The exhibition is a collection of photographs and videos to celebrate ten years of positive impact around the world. It tells stories of the lives that have been changed through the Premier Skills programme.

Premier Skills is a partnership between the Premier League and the British Council which uses football as a tool to engage with and develop the skills of young people.

It uses football to develop a brighter future for young people around the world, drawing upon the global appeal of the Premier League and its expertise in delivering community programmes, alongside the British Council's global network and track record of grassroots programme delivery.

The scheme, the Premier League's lead international development project, helps the development of community coaches and referees, along with the production of learning materials to enhance people's English language skills.

Wolves has been involved since 2010 supporting multiple projects in Africa and Asia. In recent years our focus has mainly been in China and we’ve assisted with the delivery of 8 China based projects in the last 12 months alone. Fosun representatives have also support this work and has seen first hand the impact this work is having within Chinese communities.

Through Premier Skills coach training, which features both interactive classroom-based learning and on-the-field technical training, over 6,300 grassroots coaches and referees have learned valuable coaching, leadership, communication and soccer skills.  As a result, trainees are better able to perform in their role as coaches and mentors to young people.

Premier Skills provides an opportunity for all youth, including society's most vulnerable, to develop their soccer and life skills, raise their self-esteem, and have a safe place to play. To date, Premier Skills-trained community coaches and referees have reached nearly one million young people in 29 countries.