Wolves Ay We Takes China By Storm

One of China’s most influential rock bands, Miserable Faith, have produced a song about their support for Wolves which is getting rave reviews in China.

The song, entitled Wolves Ay We, is a celebration of Wolves’ recent ascent to the Premier League and an ode to the characteristics that have got them there, including teamwork, tenacity and attacking football. 

The song racked up 500,000 listens in its first day on streaming service Netease, the Chinese equivalent of Spotify, and is currently number three in the download charts.

The band, who have supported Wolves since 2016, have a diverse sound comprised of a number of different genres including hip hop, reggae and world music, and have released seven albums and EPs since 1999.

Wolves have linked up with the band to provide them footage of Molineux and the team’s recent successes to be used in their music video for Wolves Ay We, which will be seen by millions of people across China.

Miserable Faith lead singer Gao Hu said: “We are big English football fans and first started following Wolves in 2016 when we were touring in the UK as part of our 100 Cities Tour.

“We were attracted by the colours and the name and had the opportunity to visit Molineux Stadium when we passed through Wolverhampton. Since then we have kept in touch with the team through Weibo.

“When the team got promoted last year we were inspired to write the song. We are both chasing our dream.”

The band’s guitarist Song Jie, also added: “We know the Premier League is popular in China, but we were blown away by the response to this song.

“We really hope UK based Wolves fans like it as well, and it would be a dream to hear it played at Molineux Stadium.”

Click below to watch the video and hear Wolves Ay We.