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10:03 25th January 2017

Sponsors engage The Money Charity to drive project

Wolves are teaming up with The Money Charity to deliver an important programme of financial education to schools in the local community.
As part of The Money Shop’s commitment to Wolverhampton, it will fund a new project to the tune of £120,000, over the three-year period.
The Money Charity, which, despite having a similar name, is not related to The Money Shop, has been chosen to lead the initiative, in conjunction with Wolves Community Trust and the Local Education Authority, targeting 28 schools in Wolverhampton.
The workshops will focus on a series of activities designed to show the importance of thorough money management and budgeting to help young people prepare for adult life.
The Money Charity is the UK’s only dedicated financial capability charity and delivers workshops to schools and colleges all over the country.
So far, they have reached over 150,000 young people via their workshops.
Wolves Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple said:  “We said at the time of announcing the sponsorship deal with The Money Shop that there would be a joint initiative with Wolves Community Trust to deliver important financial education to young people in Wolverhampton.
“The Money Charity have two new workshop consultants appointed to deliver the programme, and the Trust has been liaising with the Education Authority to select the schools.
“This initiative is a worthy expansion to the education programme which Wolves Community Trust are involved in around the local community every week of the school year.
“We are appreciative to The Money Shop for this additional investment to fund this project, and also The Money Charity for helping us deliver such valuable advice and guidance to the young people of the City.”
Stuart Howard, CEO of Dollar UK and The Money Shop, said: “We’re so honoured to be able to continue to support the incredible work that The Money Charity does for young people across the country, and we are grateful to Wolves Community Trust who are helping to
deliver this fantastic initiative in schools.
“We are delighted to be able to kick-start this project so soon after we pledged to do so - the entire team has worked really hard on this and we are very excited about it.
“As a financial services provider, we are also very invested in encouraging financial responsibility at all stages of life, and our partnership with The Money Charity and Wolves is crucial in this. We wish the charity and the Trust the very best of luck.”
Julien Kramer, Director of Education for Wolverhampton, said:  “This is a great initiative being led by the Money Charity in partnership with the Money Shop and Wolves Community Trust and we are delighted to be supporting this worthy project.
“The project will deliver workshops to 28 schools within our City focusing on series of activities designed to show the importance of sound money management and budgeting to help young people prepare for adult life.”

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