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NEWS | Exciting Plans For Molineux Matchday


17:13 30th March 2017

Big screens set to return to Molineux

Wolves have broken the 11,000 barrier in Season Ticket sales for next season – on the day the club announced that it will be making a significant investment into its matchday experience for the 2017/18 season.

That 11,000 figure of ‘Early Bird’ sales, ahead of next Monday’s deadline, is two thirds of the total needed to trigger the part-refund for all those that purchase a season ticket before 31st May.

The announcement comes on the day that the club has announced that it will be significantly enhancing the match day experience at Molineux, with plans now approved for new video screens and improved Public Address system.

Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple said: “We went through 10,000 Season Ticket sales earlier in the week, and that number has continued to rise and is now over 11,000, which is fantastic.

“We’re hugely appreciative of all the fans that have made that commitment so far.

“Putting that into perspective, last year’s Early Bird finished at 10,000, and we’ve still got until 5pm on Monday to add to that figure, and there are also just under 4,000 supporters who have yet to renew from this season.

“It’s really encouraging that represented within this figure is a strong proportion of new season ticket holders.

“Of course, we rely on our existing season ticket base to renew and a lot of them do, but also over 20% of the season ticket numbers for next season are new applicants.

“It’s really encouraging that people are wanting to come back and bringing in new fans is going to be vital to ensuring that we get to this target of 16,500.

“I’d encourage fans that are now sat on the fence, wondering whether they should make that commitment, to do that.

“I am the first to admit that the season has been frustratingly inconsistent, however, I think what we’ve seen in the last couple of games has been more of a true reflection of where this squad can go, and the ability within the team.

“I’m extremely hopeful that we will continue that form for the rest of the season and beyond. The message is now to just get behind the team for the remaining games of this season and see where we can go.”

The club’s Managing Director has also announced that plans are now being concluded with regards to improving the matchday experience at Molineux next season.

The Board have approved plans for two new 30sqm screens, with Wolves now concluding the ‘pitch’ process with potential suppliers, as well as an upgraded and improved Public Address System.

In addition to that, there will also be a new Carling Fans Zone, which will be situated in the Stan Cullis stand in place at Molineux next season.

As part of the renewal with Molson Coors in 2016, the agreement included the investment from Molson Coors to develop and enhance the matchday experience, and to attract fans to Molineux in greater numbers and further in advance of kick off.

The new Fan Zone, will be designed to bring alternative pre-match entertainment that will, for example, see the club work closely with up and coming musicians and comedians who want to combine their football passion with music and entertainment.

The Carling Fan Zone, won’t detract from the club’s plans, to continue with fan attractions outside the stadium on a match day, which will again be a feature of the 2017/18 season.

Dalrymple believes that whilst Molineux is still a great stadium to visit, Wolves may have fallen ‘behind the curve’ in terms of match day experience and he is now hoping that this new investment will bring the vibrant match days experience back to Molineux.

“Like many of our fans, I travel on the road to every away game, not only to support the team but I’m also taking a look around and seeing how other clubs are doing it,” he says.

“If we’re being honest I think that we've fallen a bit behind the curve in terms of matchday entertainment and our matchday experience.

“I’m pleased to say that at the last board meeting, I sought the approval to make some significant investments into our great stadium and what we can do here on a match day.

“From next season, we will have two brand new digital video screens in place.

“This will mean that we will be able to deliver huge amounts of content to our fans.

“We want to encourage fans to get here earlier and experience a really positive vibrant, lively matchday experience.”

“We asked supporters at the Fans’ Parliament last week - would flags or banners, that we produce and look after, be well-received in the South Bank?

"That is something that we’re looking at doing with immediate effect so we can start to build that sense of pride, identity and belonging within the stadium.

“Let’s not detract from the priority, which is that we know that we’ve got to get that consistency level right on the pitch, and we know that we’ve got to continue to invest in the squad as best as we can - that’s an absolute given.

“Added to that though, I think that with the level of investment that we will start to make now in other areas, I think this place could be absolutely cracking.”

Wolves are producing half a dozen flags for fans to use at the Cardiff game on Saturday, with the idea of supporters then coming up with their own designs for the club to invest in further flags for use on a matchday.

Fans can send in designs they would like to see and the club will then produce and store the flags to ensure they are all compliant with Wolves’ health and safety policies. Email your designs to

Fans wishing to create and bring their own flags are reminded that
• The material must have a fire certificate if it is in excess of 1.5m in size
• Flags under 1.5m in size do not need a fire certificate
• Poles can be a maximum of 1m
• Flags cannot be draped over advertising hoardings.

Please click here to review the club’s flags and banners policy if you are considering bringing your own flags.

* The deadline to fans to purchase or renew their Season Ticket at the cheapest price is 5pm on Monday 3rd April. Prices will then revert to summer prices and the deadline for existing season ticket holders to renew their seat, and to hit the 16,500* target is 31st May 2017. The figure of 16,500 does not include complimentary or corporate season tickets and must include 14,400 adults (aged 17+). All season tickets are subject to a £6 admin fee regardless of method of payment.

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