Nuno talks form, injuries and Vinagre's progression

Maintaining levels of performance, both individually and as a team, is the order of the day for Wolves, according to Nuno Espirito Santo.

Wolves are unbeaten in four Premier League matches and impressively won at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last week. A return to action comes on Saturday, with the visit of Brighton & Hove Albion, and Nuno wants more of the same from his players, including Ruben Vinagre, who is set for another opportunity due to Jonny’s injury.

On players being in form

“The players go through the season, good performance, bad performance, moments they feel more capable and confident. Diogo [Jota] is doing OK, Matt [Doherty] also, not only them, all the team is ready to compete, knowing and realising it’s about the team, not individuals.

“We realise there are ups and downs, we try to find solutions to maintain and sustain, through the competition, the level of performance, individually and as a team.

“We don’t do anything different. I think the credit is for the players, the way they prepare, they rest, they recover, they compete, it’s all about them and the team spirit they have.”

On injuries

“We have some issues regarding the game of tomorrow, Morgan [Gibbs-White] and Jonny, something that we still have to attend. He’s [Jonny] not yet with the team, he’s getting better, but will take some time.”

On Vinagre replacing Jonny

“They are different, but they both understand the philosophy and the tasks of the position they occupy. You have the same shape with different players, the characteristics change by individual situations we have. They are different, but both are very good players, so we trust them.

“He’s [Vinagre] growing. It’s our third season already with Vinagre. I think he’s progressing, improving in a lot of things – tactically and technically.

“The talent is there, that’s why Vinagre is massively important for us, because he’s versatile and can give us different things during the game – he’s special.”

On Brighton’s danger

“It’s not about the table, it’s about your opponent. It’s going to be very difficult, Graham [Potter] since the beginning has implemented an idea, a pattern of play, it’s a good team, full of quality players.

“We have to compete and focus only on the task we have to do during the game, preparing and competing every ball. We don’t change.

“We have to prepare well. There can be multiple options on the Brighton team, but full of quality players and a good way of playing football.”