Wolves launch YO·GYM partnership

Wolves have welcomed YO·GYM into the pack as the club’s official Chinese regional fitness partner ahead of the 2021/22 Premier League season.

YO·GYM is a 2,000 sqm sports and fitness facility in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, which was founded in April 2018, with the objective of helping local citizens of any age to improve their fitness levels and live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the fitness centre also offers various courses to help young footballers improve their fitness as they take part in the beautiful game.

As Wolves’ regional Chinese fitness partner, YO·GYM will benefit from the expertise of Wolves Academy coaches, who will educate and train their coaches with a primary focus on improving fitness level in children. YO·GYM coaches will also be participating in a series of webinars to further improve their football know-how.

Wolves international project manager, Joe Hunt, said: “We are delighted to have our new partnership with YO·GYM in China.

“As part of the partnership, our brilliant Academy sport science team, led by David Morrison, will share our expertise around how we develop our elite players at Wolves, getting them to a level where they can perform against other elite players in the UK and around the world.

“We are excited to deliver our content over digital channels, working hard with YO·GYM to make a difference to players in China.”

Currently the only authorised fitness centre in China to receive fitness courses by Wolves, YO·GYM will utilise powerful, inspiring images portraying Wolves players in its centre’s interior design, both indoors and outdoors.

YO·GYM founder and CEO, LI Chao 李超, added: “We hope that through this partnership, young Chinese players will be able to train more scientifically and effectively, and that matches between young players will become more exciting in the future.”

More information can be found directly on YO·GYM’s official WeChat account 优动会 or by scanning the QR code below: