Soup of the Day                                                          4.50

Warm Crusty Bread & Butter


Homemade Corned Beef *                                     5.25

Wasabi Emulsion, Pickled Shimeji Mushroom, Mauri Syrup, Crisp Bread                                 


Boneless Chicken Wings *                                      5.00

Tasting of Sweetcorn, Chilli Jam, Cashew,



Eggs in Purgatory*                                                  4.50

Quails Egg, Fiery Tomato Provencal,

Mozzarella, Parsley, Garlic Bread     


Pan Seared Scallop*                                                8.75

Spiced Butternut Squash, Pomegranate, Prosciutto Crisp, Popcorn Shoots


Korean Belly Pork *                                                     5.75

Kimchi, Spring Onion & Ginger Dashi, Sea Weed Crisp



Side of Pomme Puree                                                 3.00                                                    


Sautéed Chestnut Mushroom                                     3.00


Gourmet Chips                                                               3.00


Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon                                    3.00


Buttered Greens                                                            3.00


Peppercorn Sauce                                                         2.50


Béarnaise                                                                       3.00



Sea Bream*                                                             15.00

Coconut Broth, Swede & Coconut Gnocchi, Clams, Baby Leek, Pak Choi, Sea Rosemary


Lamb Chump (pink)*                                             18.75

Dauphinoise Potato, Cep Puree, Pickled Walnut, Asparagus, Jus                                              


Beef Fillet                                                               20.00

Oxtail Crubeen, Carrot Puree, Shallot,

Spinach, Smoked Mash, Red Wine Jus


Red Pepper Pappardelle                                      13.00

Slow Roasted Peppers, Parmesan, Spinach,

Walnut Oil                                             V


8oz Picanha Beef Steak*                                      21.50

Chestnut Mushrooms, Semi Dried Plum

Tomato, Gourmet Chips                     


Fish & Chips                                                            13.00

Beer Battered Haddock, Roasted Tomato

Puree, Lemon & Pea shoots


Gressingham Duck                                                15.00

Baby Gem, Pea & Broad Bean, Soy Gel,

Crispy Egg, Jus




Homemade Desserts

Pineapple & Rum Cake                                           5.00

Rum Caramel, Spiced Compote, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream


Rocky Road                                                               5.00

Marshmallow, Raspberry


Passion Fruit Baked Alaska                                   5.00

Torched Mango, Baby Coriander


Tasting of Lemon                                                        5.00

Lemon Curd, Crème Brulee, Lemon Meringue, Brambles & Oats


Artisan Cheese Board                                             6.50       

Table Crackers & Chutney


Ice Creams                                            GF               4.00


Freshly Brewed Cafetière Coffee

100% Arabica Bean, Locally Roasted and

Ground by Shropshire Coffee


Ask for our Specialty Coffee & Teas List

*GF = can be adapted to a Gluten free dish

V = Vegetarian


Please be aware

Certain dishes on our menu may contain or be prepared in the vicinity of one of the 14 food Allergens in accordance with the food information regulation 1169/2011. Please advise us if you have an allergy/intolerance. Should require any further assistance please speak to your room Manager or Supervisor