Steve Morton, Head of Corporate Sales

Some of the biggest brands in the world invest millions of pounds in sponsoring sports players, teams, competitions and events. The sponsorship in sports industry is worth an estimated $21.4 billion annually and with a reported 3.5bn fans globally for football alone someone somewhere must be getting a decent return on investment.

When brands are looking at their marketing campaigns and calculating the most effective use of spend, what is making these global brands choose to pump millions into sports sponsorship rather than more traditional direct marketing, high profile advertising or new era digital marketing campaigns?

The answer is likely found in the fact that sports marketing ticks all of these traditional marketing boxes, and then some. With the right deal negotiated with their overall business objectives in mind, sponsors gain access to direct channels through huge databases of engaged and loyal fans, the global media coverage gives a wider reach of brand promotion than the most carefully crafted advertising campaign. And of course there’s digital. With so much sport consumed online and with social media audiences in their millions for certain sports brands, savvy sponsors can tap into these channels and audiences by association and with specific content.

Sponsorship is the most emotional of marketing and communication mediums. What other channel can deliver a highly engaged audience with a strong emotional attachment? Sponsorship gives brands the opportunity to go beyond advertising and forge a deeper connection with and experience for consumers.

While any sports enthusiast can likely reel off a number of high profile brands that are involved with their teams and heroes, there is also a large number of smaller names that are tapping into this highly effective channel to increase their brand awareness and target specific audiences – for a fraction of the cost.

One of the key benefits of sports sponsorship is flexibility. Yes, there are the title sponsorships that can sell for millions of pounds, but there are also smaller opportunities that may trim a little inventory and ensure the focus is on achieving your objectives with fewer, more relevant entitlements. You’ll still get the benefits of association with a powerful brand but at a more attainable budget.

At Wolves we offer a portfolio of sponsorship and partnership opportunities, which are flexible to the needs of our clients based on their business objectives and budgets. 15 years ago we had just a handful of companies who had “sponsor” or “partner” status, but after working with our clients and adapting to the marketplace we now have 20 official sponsors / partners. Each is supplied with the inventory relevant to their requirements and the budget they have available, but with a minimum spend earning them official sponsor / partner status they obtain exclusive use of the iconic Wolves brand.

When planning your marketing strategy and allocating your budget spend, consider whether sports Sponsorship can offer you cost-effective access to traditional marketing channels as well as high-profile, often global platforms, to increase brand awareness and create a positive association for your company or product.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities with Wolves and to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals call us on 0371 222 1877.


Steve Morton
Head of Corporate Sales