Grassroot scouts | Information for parents and coaches

Information for parents and scouts

At Wolves we are committed to safe practise and we have a well-established safeguarding approach and procedures in place for all our Academy children and young people. We have a team of professional grassroot scouts that are DBS checked and have regular safeguarding training. As parents and coaches, we want to reassure you that we take our responsibility very seriously, but we also want to empower you to challenge us (or any other scout) if you feel something isn’t right.

Below is a set of standards you should expect from a Wolves grassroots scout. We always want to strengthen our practise and we always welcome feedback.

  • We will always identify ourselves to the club managers/officials at the start of a game or training session if we are there to scout for players.
  • We welcome you challenging any unidentified or suspicious adults observing matches to ask about their involvement with the game. We would rather you asked about us than worried about us!
  • We will carry club identification and a Wolves business card. On this card will be our scout’s contact details, their manager’s contact details, our head of safeguarding AND a link to this page. If they are unable to provide any identification ask them for their name and the person at the club who they formally report to and you can ask them to leave and please contact
  • If you have any person claiming to be a scout who you have concerns about, please report as soon as is realistically possible to your County FA Welfare Officer. Report the name of the individual who has claimed to be a scout, and the club that they claimed to be working for where no identification has been provided or where you have reason to doubt the validity of the ID.
  • We do not ask any player to pay in order to have a trial at Wolves. If this is suggested to you, please contact

Let’s Make Football Safe – Not Sorry