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Wolves Women A-Z


11:00 25th May 2013

by Matt Sacco

Getting to know...... Anna Perks

A- Anger - what makes you mad? 
Arrogant people

B- Bostin' - what's the best piece of individual skill you've ever seen? 
Robin Van Persie's volley for Arsenal v Charlton in 2008. It won goal of the season -unbelievable tekkers.

C- Culture - what's the last film you saw/book you read/CD you bought? 
Film- Crazy, Stupid,Love, Book- the final Harry Potter, CD- Mumford and Sons

D- Date - where did you go on your first date? 

E- Education - were you a model pupil? 
I loved school so I guess so. 

F- Fun - what is the funniest thing you've seen on the training pitch? 
Too many choose from - we are always laughing.

G- Games - what would you buy in a toy shop? 
Roller blades - if they still exist!

H- Heroes - who's yours? 
My family.

I- iPod - what would we find on yours? 
Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, Mumford and Sons

J- Junk - what are you hoarding in your room? 
I am definitely a hoarder - I'm awful for receipts!

K- Keyring - what's on yours? 
It's a Harry Potter Gryffindor keyring from Florida, along with an ATP Tennis Final one from the O2 arena this year.

L- Lucky - what's the best bit of luck you've ever had? 
I got a week in Egypt for free through my mate splitting with her boyfriend!

M- Mother - what would she be proud of and what would she clip you round the ear for?
She'd be proud of me because of my job, football and recently buying a house, and I'd get a clip round the ear if I didn't say please or thank you.

N- New - what's your latest purchase? 
My new house!

O- Old - How will you fill your weekends when you retire? 
Watching Soccer Saturday and Super Sunday and visiting other cities.

P- Picky - what are you particular about? 
No sprouts on my Sunday dinner - other than that I'm not very picky.

Q- Quenched - What would we find in your sports bottle? 
Orange squash.

R- Repeat - which game would you like to play all over again? 
A semi-final against West Brom, two seasons ago. We won 3-2 and I scored two, including the winner in extra-time.

S- Sandwich - what would you put in yours? 

T- TV - Top 3 programmes? 
1. MOTD, Football Focus and - although I'm ashamed to admit it - TOWIE.

U- Ultimate - your dream 24 hours? 
Having a kick about with David Beckham. Then going on a day/night out with him, my friends and my boyfriend of course!

V- Volunteer - what's the last domestic chore you offered to do? 
Washing up.

W- Whinge - what makes you have a good moan? 
Lazy people.

X- X-ray - worst injury suffered? 
Ankle ligaments- I have glass ankles.

Y- Yell - what scares you? 
I'm a real scaredy cat- the dark is enough for me.

Z- Zzzz - what puts you to sleep? 
Having the television on. 

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