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Wolves Women A-Z


11:00 29th May 2013

by Matt Sacco

Getting to know...... Leanne Rimmer

A - Anger - what makes you mad? 
Bad manners and rude people. 

B - Bostin - what's the best piece of individual skill you've ever seen?
My own shin ups!

C - Culture -what’s the last film you saw/book you read/CD you bought? 
Film was Taken 2, book was Case Study Methodology, and I'm currently eyeing up Samantha Mumba's greatest hits - for the Hall twins!

D - Date - where did you go on your first date?
No idea - it was probably eight years ago now! Maybe the cinema.

E - Education - were you a model pupil?
Yep, top set in everything, although I was always in trouble for talking.

F -Fun - what is the funniest thing you've seen on the training pitch? 
Perks attempting Roy's side steps - you had to be there.

G - Games - what would you buy in a toy shop?
A bike with pink ribbons on the handlebars. 

H - Heroes - who's yours?
The suffragettes. 

I - iPod - what would we find on yours?
All sorts of dodgy stuff, including Cyndi Lauper's greatest hits and some 80s power ballads. 

J -Junk - what are you hoarding in your room?
Mail - I never sort mine.

K - Keyring -what's on yours?
A Kath Kidson keyring with house and car key and one of those shopping trolley pound things.

L - Lucky - what's the best bit of luck you've ever had?
Landing a PhD scholarship aged 21 fresh out of university. 

M -Mother - what would she be proud of and what would she clip you round the ear for?
Most proud of my PhD and football, I'd probably clipped for not tidying my room when I was younger and lived at home. 

N - New - what's your latest purchase?
Age 12 jeans  - yes I'm a 5ft hobbit!

O- Old - How will you fill your weekends when you retire?
Gym. Ok - probably lie-ins and cooked breakfasts.

P -Picky - what are you particular about?
I'm quite OCD about things in order and I like symmetry too. 

Q- Quenched - What would we find in your sports bottle? 
Water. Yes, I'm that wild - YOLO!

R -Repeat -which game would you like to play all over again?
Beating Coventry 2-0 at the Ricoh arena - great pitch.

S -Sandwich - what would you put in yours?
Chicken, mango mayonnaise and salad on seeded bread.

T- TV- top 3 programmes?  
Big Bang Theory, New Tricks and Grand Designs - I wanted to say University challenge but I'd never live it down!

U-  Ultimate - your dream 24 hours? 
Winning the Euromillions, being somewhere really hot, eating ice cream, a hot air balloon ride, going in a helicopter, cuddle a baby orangutan - can I fit all that in 24 hours?! 

V-  Volunteer - What's the last domestic chore you offered to do?
I've move out from my parents' so have to do the washing, ironing and hoovering weekly, although I hate it.

W - Whinge - what makes you have a good moan?
Bad manners, bad drivers and being cold.

X-  X-ray - worst injury suffered?
Broken collarbone - a fireman's lift gone wrong.

Y-  Yellow - what scares you?
Scary films 

Z - Zzzz - what puts you to sleep?
Absolute silence, I can't have any distractions or the telly on.

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