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Wolves Women A-Z


11:00 27th May 2013

by Matt Sacco

Getting to know...... Becky Hall

A- Anger - what makes you mad? 
Getting woken up early, I love my sleep!

B- Bostin' - what's the best piece of individual skill you've ever seen? 
My twin sister Tilly’s left-footed volley at training last year. It was a peach - straight into the top corner!

C- Culture - what's the last film you saw/book you read/CD you bought? 
Bridesmaids, which was hilarious. Last books were the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and does anyone buy CDs anymore?!

D- Date - where did you go on your first date? 

E- Education - were you a model pupil? 
Erm, yes! But sometimes I was a little mischievous. 

F- Fun - what is the funniest thing you've seen on the training pitch? 
One of the girls took a shot that hit the bar - Tilly turned around to watch it and the ball hit her in the face and went in.

G- Games - what would you buy in a toy shop?  
Something Thomas the Tank engine related.

H- Heroes - who's yours? 
Jesus, and my Nan Vera - legend!

I- iPod - what would we find on yours? 
Pure pop cheese - I’m partial to a boyband or two!

J- Junk - what are you hoarding in your room? 
My mum and Nan are classic hoarders and I’m following in their footsteps! Mainly clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for ten years.

K- Keyring - what's on yours?  
My keys!

L- Lucky - what's the best bit of luck you've ever had? 
A Bingo win.

M - Mother - what would she be proud of and what would she clip you round the ear for?
She’d be proud of my son, Joshua. I'd get a clip round the ear for swearing.

N- New - what's your latest purchase? 
New handbag.

O- Old - How will you fill your weekends when you retire? 
Hopefully watching Joshua play football.

P- Picky - what are you particular about? 
I admit I'm pretty picky when it comes to spelling and grammar.

Q- Quenched- What would we find in your sports bottle? 
Robinson's squash.

R- Repeat -which game would you like to play all over again? 
The League Cup final from last season - beating Stoke to win the double was sweet.

S- Sandwich - what would you put in yours? 

T- TV - top 3 programmes? 
X-Factor, Hell's Kitchen USA & Spongebob.

U- Ultimate - your dream 24 hours? 
A long sleep, someone to serve me cups of tea and playing trains with Joshua.

V- Volunteer - what's the last domestic chore you offered to do? 
I'm quite domesticated so I don’t need to volunteer - I enjoy it!

W- Whinge -what makes you have a good moan? 
What doesn't - I am a serial whinger! Football, petrol prices, the dog etc.

X- X-ray - worst injury suffered? 
I cracked the underside of my kneecap when I was fifteen.

Y- Yell - what scares you? 

Z- Zzzz - what puts you to sleep? 
A good book!

Images courtesy of Nigel Cliff Photography.

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