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Wolves Women A-Z


11:00 22nd May 2013

by Matt Sacco

Getting to know...... Jordan Timmins-Ray

A- Anger - what makes you mad?
Manchester United losing! 

B- Bostin' - what's the best piece of individual skill you've ever seen?
The Elastico - Barcelona players are probably the masters of this. 

C- Culture - what's the last film you saw/book you read/CD you bought?
Hangover part 2 I think. Can't remember the others!

D- Date - where did you go on your first date?
Cinema maybe - classic!

E- Education - were you a model pupil?
Not really, I was always naughty and skipped classes - hopefully my mum and dad don't read this!

F- Fun - what is the funniest thing you've seen on the training pitch?
Lauren Walker's chest control - pure class!

G- Games - what would you buy in a toy shop?
A Meccano set.

H- Heroes - Who's yours?
Ryan Giggs.

I- iPod - what would we find on yours?
Mainly Dance and R&B.

J- Junk - what are you hoarding in your room?
Junk food! Milkway crispy rolls or Jaffa Cakes.

K- Keyring - what's on yours?
A picture of me and my friend on Sonic Pinball at Alton Towers.

L- Lucky - what's the best bit of luck you've ever had?
Coming away unhurt from car accident.

M - Mother - what would she be proud of and what would she clip you round the ear for?
She'll be proud because I’m doing and enjoying the things I love but would clip me round the ear if I swore in front of her.

N- New - what's your latest purchase?
A sofabed.

O- Old - how will you fill your weekends when you retire?
Go to watch more Manchester United games. I'm not a glory hunter though!

P- Picky - what are you particular about?
My hair, it has to be perfect!

Q- Quenched - what would we find in your sports bottle?
Orange Lucozade

R- Repeat - which game would you like to play all over again?
Curzon away last season because it was a poor game and I would want go back and change it.

S- Sandwich - what would you put in yours?
Cheese and carrot.

T- TV - Top 3 programmes? 
Family Guy, Hollyoaks, Match of the Day.

U- Ultimate - your dream 24 hours?
To make something of my life - and see Manchester United win obviously.

V- Volunteer - What's the last domestic chore you offered to do?
I coach a girls team, which is all voluntary.

W- Whinge - what makes you have a good moan?
Children screaming at me.

X- X-ray - worst injury suffered?
I've been pretty lucky in general but I broke my thumb against Albion last season. We beat them though!

Y- Yell - what scares you?

Z- Zzzz - what puts you to sleep?
James Bond films - they are so boring.

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