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Wolves Women A-Z


11:00 20th May 2013

Getting to know...... Natalie Hall

A- Anger - what makes you mad? – 
Rude people. There's no need!

B- Bostin'- what's the best piece of individual skill you've ever seen? – 
I scored a great left-footed volley at training once - I probably will never be able to pull it off again.

C- Culture - what's the last film you saw/book you read/CD you bought? 
Last film was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - classic! Last book I read was the Firework Maker's Daughter with the children at school and I haven't bought a CD for about ten years!

D- Date - where did you go on your first date? – 
Pub for dinner. 

E- Education - were you a model pupil? – 
Yes. That's the official line and I'm sticking to it! 

F- Fun - what is the funniest thing you've seen on the training pitch? – 
Lauren Walker chesting the ball during a game of keep it up. It must have hurt!

G- Games - what would you buy in a toy shop? – 
Skylanders - still don't understand the game but my nephew seems to love it!

H- Heroes - who's yours? – 
Kevin Pressman, the ex Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper.

I- iPod - what would we find on yours? – 
Pop music, and loads of it.

J- Junk - what are you hoarding in your room? – 
Clothes that I'll never wear.

L- Lucky - what's the best bit of luck you've ever had? – 
Winning on a scratchcard, although I haven't won enough to retire!

M- Mother - what would she be proud of and what would she clip you round the ear for? Proud of my profession and the fact that I'm in a job I love. She would clip me round the ear for swearing so I try and hold it in when she comes to games although not always with much success.

N- New - what's your latest purchase? – 
A mobile phone.

O- Old - How will you fill your weekends when you retire? 
Take up a new hobby so I don't get bored - maybe knitting!

P- Picky - what are you particular about? – 
My hair, spelling and grammar.

Q- Quenched - What would we find in your sports bottle? – 
Robinson's squash.

R- Repeat - which game would you like to play all over again? – 
Last season's league winning game against Leafield. 

S- Sandwich - what would you put in yours? – 
Cheese I love it!

T- TV -top 3 programmes? – 
Emmerdale, Russell Howard's Good News and Cat Fish.

U- Ultimate - your dream 24 hours? – 
A bit of sleep, a cuddle with my other half, playing with my nephew Joshua, having a good sing song and drinking loads of tea. 

V- Volunteer - What's the last domestic chore you offered to do? – 
Cleaning the kitchen.

W- Whinge - what makes you have a good moan? – 
Being tired.

X- X-ray -worst injury suffered? – 
Nothing too serious, thankfully - I've been very lucky.

Y- Yell - what scares you? – 
Spiders -the thought of them makes me shudder. Birds terrify me too especially when they swoop at you.

Z- Zzzz - what puts you to sleep? – 
Busy days. They make me tired.

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