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Wolves Head To Scotland


11:55 8th July 2013

Jackett looking to continue work

Wolves will check in at their Scottish training camp later today ready to build on the first fortnight of work under new Head Coach Kenny Jackett.


The team will spend five days North of the Border, training largely at Stirling University but also kicking off the competitive pre-season with friendlies at East Fife on Wednesday (7.30pm) and Livingston on Saturday (2pm).


And that will build on that first fortnight of fitness work, which included three daily sessions starting at 7.30am with a morning run.


“I think to do three sessions a day, you generally in a working environment need to get up early and get working,” says Jackett.


“That has to be the case; it’s a good habit to get into and in pre-season, it’s something I’ve always done.


“It’s good to lay down some foundations and then you can properly separate a running session, a football session and then a gym-based session.


“Then I can look at the content of each section but separate them.


“For example, the middle one is a warm-up with football – whatever drills I think are needed – whether it be finishing, defending, passing and heading etc. That’s a continuous assessment.


“As for the running, it starts long and gets shorter with trainers on a hard surface to start with to toughen the legs then move on to the shorter stuff more relevant to football with boots on.


“The gym-based sessions can be anything from weight training and physical conditioning to core work to mobility to yoga.


“And you get variation in all of those areas and you can specify.

“I like to separate each section because those three aspects cover every aspect of training, then you can get the right thing at the right time after that.


“Spreading it out by starting early does give you the chance and the opportunity to stretch properly in between, and eat well, recover and be ready to go again.”


Jackett has also revealed that there have been subtle changes made to the dietary offerings for the players whilst they are at the training ground and on tour.


“They had a massive and very varied diet here – they have had a very good variety of food,” he says.


“We have probably made sure there are now fewer choices and more specific foods, so you’re absolutely pushing them in the right direction.


“It’s so they are consistent in their eating habits and, like every football club, what we feed them here, we hope shows them what they should eat outside of here.


“It’s an education – the food that’s at the training ground at the weekend should be replicated when they’re not working such as in the evenings when they’re eating their main meal.


“It’s also that they can see what is the right food and so that they can buy the right food.”


And Jackett is looking forward to getting the squad bedded in further as they spend the week in Scotland.


“I don’t think I’ve ever played against East Fife, but I have been to Stirling University,” he explained.


“It’s good and the games up there are good – they’re lively.

“In general, there is normally some doubt as to the quality of the pitches when you go on tour to Scotland – you can’t quite find the training pitches.


“But the facilities at the University are very good – Kevin Thelwell and Tony Daley have both been up there and everything will be in tip-top condition.”

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