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Wins Not Records!


12:31 7th March 2014

Jackett reveals main motivation

Head Coach Kenny Jackett has said the quest for promotion is far more important than Wolves becoming record breakers.

Victory at Walsall tomorrow would equal a club record eight successive wins registered on four separate occasions in Wolves’ history.

And while that has understandably formed part of the pre-match agenda, Jackett is far more focused on trying to add another three points to the tally with the promotion prize at stake.

“We’re on a terrific run but ultimately the judgement will be promotion,” said head coach Jackett.

“If records and awards coincide with promotion then they’re fantastic – that would be terrific.

“But a record without promotion would be a hollow season.

“And, having the season we’ve had, it would be a shame if it didn’t happen now.

“But our aim and our bottom line is Championship football.

“We want a successful period in the club’s history and it’s exciting to be in the position we’re in - one that with 14 games left, we’re very determined to capitalise on.

“We’ve got a settled side which has good potential going forward.

“We have some young players who can go on and do very well for the club.

“I think the players feel the same as me - I don’t think the focus is on anything other than getting into the Championship, and if things come along the way, that would be a bonus.”

Wolves are heading into the most congested spell of the season when it comes to fixtures.

Tomorrow’s game is the first of nine in 29 days, six of which are away from home.

It may be a well-used footballing cliché, but Jackett thinks it is all about taking one at a time to keep the focus sharp.

“You can’t always look at the bigger picture because it can sometimes be quite daunting,” he added.

“The old adage of focusing on one game at a time is the best one because if you do look after the short term, the long term will look after itself.

“What you have to do is keep it simple.

“You can’t play all 14 games at once.

“We have to focus on Walsall and then what we have talked about internally is the next four Tuesdays when we play as well as Saturdays.

“We have to give ourselves the best chance of being successful by preparing properly.

“We’re in a good position now going into a busy period and want to capitalise on it.”

Leon Clarke returns to the squad after coming through training yesterday following five weeks out with a heel injury.

“Leon has done a lot of work with the fitness coaches and the medical staff and hasn’t had any problems.

“We are hoping that continues now.

“We have been pretty safe with the injury in that he could maybe have come back sooner but we wanted to make sure when he did come back he was 100 per cent.

“I think personally he can make a big difference to our team.”

*Wolves have sold out of their 3,400 allocation for tomorrow's game.  Supporters are also informed that any Wolves fans found in the Walsall areas of the stadium will be ejected.

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