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Crushing Blow For Keeper


11:59 14th November 2012

Major setback for Wayne.

Wayne Hennessey has suffered a major setback in his return from the cruciate ligament surgery he underwent seven months ago.  

The keeper injured the knee in training on Monday and MRI scans confirm that he has disrupted the repair and may need further surgery.  

Wayne had played in three reserve team matches and had been training fully for a month prior to the injury.  

Head of Medical, Phil Hayward, said: “Of all of the players to have had such a surgery he has to have been one of the least likely to sustain a re-injury.  

“His application over the last seven months has been exceptional and this was demonstrated by the fact he returned to play with such a strong and well controlled knee.  

“It is difficult to find an explanation as to why this (the injury) occurred as he had met all of the functional benchmarks set and the surgeon was delighted with him.  

“With such a surgery there is clearly a small percentage failure rate and it would appear he has unfortunately found himself amongst this unlucky few.

“The main focus now has to be on planning the next step for him which is something that will start immediately.  

“With Wayne’s exceptional work ethic and the support of the medical team here at Wolves there is no reason to think he will make anything other than a complete recovery from this setback.’ 

“He will see the surgeon in the coming days when a decision will be made on the next steps for him towards recovery.”

Wayne himself is typically positive about the crushing blow. He said: “It’s hard because the lads in physio couldn’t have done more for me, I’ve trained hard and there were no problems in the reserve games that I played in.

“It was just one of those freak things that can happen and it’s no use dwelling on it – nothing is going to change things. So I’m just concentrating on getting fit again – I’ve done it once and I’ll do it again.”

Manager Ståle Solbakken added: “Obviously, this is the worst thing that could have happened to Wayne. He has worked so professionally in getting fit again, doing everything by the book. His rehabilitation had gone to plan and then this happens.

“It is a tremendous blow to Wayne and the club but we will do everything we can to help him through this especially the first period which is going to be really tough.”

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